Culan’s Kidz Klub

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Culan Kidz Klub Holloween Video

Kids Klub Christmas Video

Kidz Klub Easter Video

9-10 year old Culan Legends Youth Football Team

11-12 year old Culan Legends Youth Football Team

Culan Kids Wrestling at Elder


Youth Football

5-8 Culan Legends Youth Football Hi-Lites 2011

5-8 Culan Legends (Mr. Little’s Midgets) vs Hyde Park Tigers 2011

11-12Culan Legends Hi-lites 2011

2012 9-10 Legends Youth Flagg Football Champions (click link)

11-12 Culan Legends Hi-lites 2012

2013 5-8 Culan Legends Hi-lites  (Mr. Little’s Midgets)

Culan Legends All Grades Champion Hi-lites 2013

11-12 Culan Legrnds vs OTR Steelers “Super Bowl Champs” 2013

9-10 Culan Legends vs Eastside Jets, “The Super Bowl” Champs 2014

11-12 Culan Legends vs Eastside Jets “Super Bowl Champs” 2014

Youth Wrestling


Coach Germaine Lindsey 2002

Coach Germaine Lindsey 2002                          Coach Robert Longmire 2002

Coach Pine & Coach Longmire

Elder Kids Wrestling Team Classic Winners


Youth Baseball