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Mamie Smith

  • The late “Mamie Smith” Cincinnati’s first true “Queen Of The Blues” of the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s.
  • Born May 26, 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio (Hamilton County), died September 16, 1946 New York, NY.
  • Instrument: Piano, Vocal, Dancer.
  • Film Appearances: 1936 “Paradise In Harlem”, with Luckey Millinder Orch “Mystery In Swing 1939“, “Murder On Lenox Ave.” 1940, “Sunday Sinners” 1941, Because I Live You”, in 1943.
  • Entered Harlem Hospital in 1944 where she died after a lengthy illness. Buried at Frederick Duglas – Memorial Park
  • Cemetery Staten Island NY “Queen Of The Blues”

                                                                                                                               Mr. Keith Little
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Mamie Smith 05/26/83 – 09/16/46

Married William “Smitty” Smith, singer (c1912); Sam Gardner, comedian (1920) ________ Goldberg (c1929), no relations to Bessie Smith, Clara Smith/Trixie Smith.

Awards/Honors: Recognized as the first Negro to record a vocal blues (“Crazy Blues,” OKeh 4169, August 10th, 1920).

Quotes: “It was her pioneering work that paved the way for every other artists, regardless of style” —Derrick Steward-Baxter. Ma Rainy the Classic Blues Singers, Studio Vista LTD. 1970 “she was a very high class entertainer, as well as being one of the best looking women in the business. . .—Willie “The Lion” Smith, “Music On My Mind”, Doubleday & Company, 1964    (Click Images Below To See Bio)

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