Mission Statement & Agenda’s

CULAN’s Mission:                                                                  

Here we pay homage to our local artists and legends. Every city and state has local artists that’s nationally and internationally recognized in other cities and state or countries. But we are at the crossroads of time where our legends of the city are fading away by means of poverty, illness, and eventually handicap or death . We needed to have recognized them before this point and also at this point with much emphasis. 
Acknowledging there deeds and give them their flowers and their place in Cincinnati history with never ending love while they are still among us. Our legends seems to have been forgotten about and all the deeds and contributions they have compiled to create this legacy and the bridgework they have laid out for us at the present to follow and for those to come in the future to admire. 

Sure we know of a few legendary musicians, but by what means have we tried to seek out those who were and are prominent with their legacy and history that are still among us that we know nothing about and are right under our noses. 

Some citizens in Cincinnati try to create what has already been created by thinking life started after 1970, or have written incomplete books (not all but some) I advise them to think again because this will never be erased and the true story should be told right, and not guessed upon so what better way of hearing the truth then from the legends of that era themselves. 

This is one of the reasons that C.U.L.A.N. Inc. (Cincinnati’s United Local Artists Network Inc.) was formed. Along with many other attributes for the present musicians to come together, recognize our own, support each other, and educate the uneducated in this field to the best of our ability. To create a code among fellow musicians and fans to strengthen unity in our endeavors and make sure recognition remains accurate. We too must follow the pattern of a musician’s life and if we don’t see what’s happening now…we will later! (Don’t let it happen to you, make a difference now) 

CULAN Kids Club: Our kids are also who me must spend time directing them to be better citizens and new leaders, thus our kids club “CULAN Kids Club” is where we try to mentor and develop through our programs, youth sports (football, wrestling, basketball) and more. CULAN LEGENDS is the name of our sports team named from our local legends we gathered to come together again and perform once more because the had no venue to do so, this

reason we booked and created such space and the fans breath new life in them and they/we were proud. Our educational and social skills programs includes field trips (fishing, camping, organizational skills, ect. “hope to include tutoring”) to enhance their self worth and be a positive contributor to society.



The old myth that an artists is never recognized at home until they have left and made their claim to fame somewhere else is and has always been a true saying and fact. CULAN has been formed to offset this reality which is not a myth, and would like to let our artists know that they are loved and appreciated for their laboring to bring excitement. Uplifting entertainment to the fans who want to be entertained. CULAN would like to extend our format to other cities and state and form a national local artists network throughout and to support legends and the up and coming artists. If your city or state is interested in being a member of this charter please respond by email for information.  
“What We Do”

We are the organization that supports our local artists from beginning to end, from our national and internationally known artists to the uneducated beginner. We cover all genre but as of now we have “Culan Central” which covers Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Pop, Swing, “Culan Hip Hop” which covers Rap, Urban, Hip Hop, Poetry, “Culan Gospel” which covers choirs, Quartet, Traditional, Contemporary, Evangelistic, Preaching, (the full service without collection plates and no alcohol ). “CULAN Kidz” We have our youth put together Halloween and Easter programs, and fashion shows. We have to include the youth in our structure because they carry our future. Each CULAN extension or chartered members has its own board members separate from CULAN Central (main body) 

“Our Agenda”
1) We will visit nursing homes and invite the seniors to our Cook-Out annually 
2) We will host fashion shows for all ages 

3) We are hosting a Arts-in-School program for the young (field trip) 

4) We will work with our children as mentors and host “work shops” to educate and present hay-ride outings. 

5) Host a mini series of events on Fountain Square from June -Aug 

6) Blues & Jazz Master’s Summit & “Flowers Award Ceremony” (Last Sunday in February) 

7) 5 Star Spring Fling (25 to 30 acts in four to five clubs on Main St.) 

8) Barefoot-Blue Jean-Beer Juggin-Neckbone-Gut Bucket Blues bash (July) 

9) Local Arts Festival (our main event 2nd week end in October) 

10) New Years Single Party (lets fall in love) (May) 

11) CULAN’s Kidz Fest “Halloween ” 

12) CULAN Kidz Fest “Easter” 

13) CULAN Gospel Fest 

14) CULAN Hip Hop Fest 

15) CULAN Annual Cook-Out (third week end in June) 

Mr. Keith Little (Founder)


 Our mission is to preserve the historical history and values of our ethnic culture and to open avenues together with our present and future multi-arts and multi-cultural organizations without discrimination, but to pursue comradeship in which we can network. Culan encourages Excellence, Professional Development, Awareness, and Education, Networking, with the end result of creating honor and acceptance though communication and diversity and hard work!.